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How to assign a custom calender to CultureInfo?


9/17/2003 5:57:00 AM


Does anybody know how I can assign a custom Calendar to CultureInfo
for a specified culture?

As .NET still doesn't include all Calendars, I have a custom Calendar
inherited from Calendar class. The only problem is when I want to use
DateTime.Parse() or ParseExact() methods. Since I should pass a
CultureInfo instance to it so that it understands the structure of the
date (e.g. in that Calendar 1999-02-31 is valid). I create the
CultureInfo("fa") but its Calendar property is assiged to Gregorian as
well as OptionalCalendars and I couldn't find a way to assign my
custom calendar to CultureInfo. As a result, I cannot parse the date
or even use Calendar Web control for cultures that don't have their
calendar internally in .NET.