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9/16/2012 6:40:00 PM

Oblique can choose shoulder pads thick clothes. The level <a href=http://www.kengriffeyshoesn.com/nike-air-foamposites-c-1.ht... air foamposite one</a>
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of the shoulder can be a steep side of the booster to achieve the balance shall prevail. Hump ??after the garment is longer. Before the garment is longer in the chest with a pot of people. Five, womens lack of size to make up for Act 1, waist length body: to minimize the length of the waist, increase the length of the legs, can be waist pleated skirt or pants. 2, flat chest size: can be used placket at the decorative wavy lace, to the chest to increase the sense of fullness. 3, the obese body: wear clothes with princess line seem slim, delicate. 4, thin body: can be loose wrinkled pants and blouses. 5, "O" type legs: if possible, avoid wearing tights, pants or skirt can be used upright. Section 4 dressing skills, no matter how excellent fashion model, have not been happy with their body: such as the waist is a little thin, a little wide shoulders. So the dressing will keep up with the trend of the times, the key will hide their own shortcomings, and draw attention to your strengths, and overall gives a well-proportioned, harmonious feel. The following information to cover up their own form of lack of methods and recommendations, <a href=http://www.kengriffeyshoesn.com/griffey-fury-2012-c-6.ht... air griffey max fury 2012</a>
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such as to make the best use, you will receive an unexpected effect.