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Critical ListView Bug/Problem with C#

Mike Barthold

10/9/2003 8:12:00 AM

Hi all,

we have a very critical problem with a listview control
here and I hope someone can help me stop that behaviour.

Just draw a ListView control into a form,
Style "Details", add 15+ columns (the horizontal
scrollbar MUST be visible and the total width of all
columns among at least double the width of the listview
control) and fill it with data (at least 2 or 3 screens
total height, means 200 rows or more for example).
Checkboxes are false, no imagelist attached - a simple,
plain text-only listview.

now click the horizontal bar of the scrollbar on bottom
of the control, hold the button pressed and move/drag the
mouse as fast as you can left/right/left/right/.../.../...
feel like playing good old decathlon game in the
80's... :-)
Try that for several seconds and then it happens (we can
reproduce that here on more than a dozen different pc's)
that the entire screen wents white or even worse, a
runtime error occurs saying "Unable to create a DIB

system seems to run out of resources if there are
hundreds (thousands?) of paint events occuring in
extremely short intervals and the listview can not manage
to redraw fast enough...
the problem is, we have lots of users here in our
callcenter which use some forms containing listviews.
callcenter means stress... callcenter means, the users
are FAST, VERY FAST in handling the application.
they get the list and drag the scrollbar at full speed to
any edge where the actually need to see the data...
but every few minutes it happens that one of the
applications hangs because of that listview-problem...

PLEASE has anyone any idea how to solve THAT?
does it make sense to override OnInvalidated with some
kind of "stopwatch" class, looking to slow down the
events a bit (i mean, not to call base.OnInvalidated if
the last call was only 0.01 seconds before or so...)

TIA, mike
1 Answer


7/27/2009 3:22:00 PM


In article <isdr65lsk1eoef32uf3on2pf6hns1f3tqi@4ax.com>, Fred J. McCall
<fjmccall@gmail.com> writes
>Malcolm <Malcolm@indaal.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>:In article <t3kq65l14p33e3lgjagb4950limpn9n9nf@4ax.com>, Fred J. McCall
>:<fjmccall@gmail.com> writes
>:>Malcolm <Malcolm@indaal.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>:>:In article <6tmp65hf01u3r61e3821ep77o80jddt1po@4ax.com>, Fred J. McCall
>:>:<fjmccall@gmail.com> writes
>:>:>Malcolm <Malcolm@indaal.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>:>:>:In the world of Fred, everything is someone else's fault, including his
>:>:>:inability to comprehend the written word.
>:>:>And so it seems that birds of a feather still flock together. And
>:>:>when you get flocked over on this one, Malcolm, you can just assume
>:>:>I'll be laughing at you.
>:>:>In fact, you can pretty much assume that any time and be pretty much
>:>:And you think anyone is interested in your views?
>:>And you think anyone is interested in yours (or that I care)?
>:You just have - enough to respond. But then you can't not, can you?
>More sophomoric debating tactics, Malcolm? Do these sorts of silly
>little ploys ever work for you?
And, once again, Fred can't help himself but respond. I did indeed say
you could have the last word, but you then (wrongly, because of your
severe incomprehension problem) claimed that I had responded again. As
you obviously need to carry on responding, I thought I would have some
amusement and keep you going. Successfully, too :-))

>You're the one claiming I'm a 'troll'. Unable to spit out the hook,
>are you?
You're a troll.

>You're the one mincing about saying "I'll let you have the last word"
>and all. I guess we've all seen just how much your words are worth,
>haven't we?
And, once again, Fred falls flat on his face. Firstly, the use of "we",
in a feeble attempt to pretend that you represent more than yourself
here, and secondly, drawing attention to the worth of my words which,
contrary to your equally feeble attempt at an insult, bring me in a very
nice income, thank you :-)