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Re: Take a look at this critical package

TJoker .NET [MVP]

9/23/2003 2:51:00 PM

In case you don't know yet, this is a worm. If you are insane enough to run an executable from a newsgroup, then this one is dangerous.

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"Eileen Doyle" <prrnvai@xdg.com> wrote in message news:O#kS7$dgDHA.2540@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl...
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1 Answer


12/26/2008 2:33:00 PM


Why you so like copy AleXX's nick name? You love the name or you love him?
Are you jealous of him using the name? You are tailing him like a dog. Why
don't you suck his cock and let him fill good?

"AleXX" <AleXX@dealnodeal.com> wrote in message
> Hey Goondoo and liar, do you have better plan, if not, shut your bloody
> mouth.
> "Goon Ga Zai" <ZaiZai@yahoo.com.sg> wrote in message
> news:qhN4l.1084$Es4.860@nwrddc01.gnilink.net...
>> Aiyah, all wayang wayang excuses lar. Remember not so long ago, they were
>> also asked what are the economic plans to improve Sinkapoor and what did
>> lhl and his bunch of nincompoops replied? We have many ideas and plans,
>> and that plan was to build 2 casinos, 2 gambling dans and that was the
>> big project to improve its economic and create more jobs for
>> Sinkapoorans.
>> You are right, remember the extradition treaty with Indonesia, it was 360
>> degree changed of mind after lky opened his mouth.
>> "truth" <truth@universe.com> wrote in message
>> news:HSL4l.4395$cu.2475@news-server.bigpond.net.au...
>>> Lim Swee Say proudly claimed that the pap government
>>> has a thousand and one alternatives to a cpf cut to fight
>>> the recession.
>>> I hope he is right and that there will be no cpf cut. Making
>>> workers pay dearly for the pap government mistake is
>>> not right.
>>> However, his claim raised lots of questions in my mind.
>>> Why are they so eager to cut the cpf in previous
>>> recessions ? Is it because then they don't have thousand
>>> and one alternatives ? If so why ? Why now then they
>>> have these thousand and one alternatives and not previously.
>>> Are they sleeping in the previous recession. So he implied
>>> that they are ready for this recession. Is this so ? The
>>> PM, LHL publicly confirmed that the pap government were
>>> caught off guard by the sudden turn of the economy from
>>> boom to recession.
>>> Looks to me like Lim Swee Say is talking cock in a
>>> desperate moment of bravado.
>>> The truth is whatever these pap multi$million nincompoops
>>> may say, if LKY just open his mouth and ask why cpf
>>> was not cut to counter the recession, and u will see LHL
>>> and the whole bunch rushing to cut the cpf.