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Re: tolerant binary formatting

Lloyd Dupont

9/20/2003 2:16:00 AM

thanksDave, I will look into that.
the SerializationBinder look interesting !

"Dave" <dlevineNNTP@wi.rr.com> a écrit dans le message de
> Yup. There are two different things to do. First, you can write a
> SerializationBinder class that controls how types are bound to objects.
> gives you the opportunity to tell the runtime how to do versioning. The
> second thing you can do is to have each object control its own
> serialization; this is done when the object implements the ISerializable
> interface. This allows you to ignore missing fields, do custom
> etc.
> There were a series of three articles written by Jeff Richter for MSDN
> goes into this.
> "Lloyd Dupont" <net.galador@ld> wrote in message
> news:uY3OvdGdDHA.1884@TK2MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl...
> > I am writting a distributed application (well starting, it's why there
> so
> > many question and yet so few answers) and because it will up to the user
> to
> > upgrade their app I foresee some binary incompatibility.
> >
> > let's imagine I have a User (serialiable) class which should travel from
> > host to host with different version of the app, it might have different
> > fields.
> > let's say I don't car and unshared field would be just null.
> >
> > BinaryFormatter is quite fussy about that, is there anyway or sample
> around
> > there to have a 'tolerant binary' formatter, which just let default
> to
> > unfound field ....
> >
> >