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EARN MONEY WITH ONLY 5 LETTERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2/22/2009 12:32:00 PM

EARN MONEY WITH ONLY 5 LETTERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SI.SOLO, invests U.S. $ 5 and you win hundreds or thousands in a short


This is a platform that leverages the global Internet, which
guarantees its operation in perfect shape. THE 100% OF THE TIMES!
Thousands of people have used this method to obtain good capitals and
start their own business. Also as you are doing now, I found an
article similar to this that said: "You can win hundreds or thousands
of dollars in a few weeks with an investment of U.S. $ 5 ($ 5)," Then
I thought, " Oh, no, another scam most ", but like most of us,
curiosity was stronger, and I kept reading, and went on:" You send $ 1
..- (a dollar) EURO or 1 to each of the 5 names and addresses mentioned
in this article, you write your name and address at the bottom of the
list by replacing the number # 5, and send or bring this article to at
least 200 NEWS GROUPS (there are thousands of these around the world)
mails are another variable.

After thinking about it again and again and consult with friends, I
decided to try it, I thought I could lose the only thing that was U.S.
$ 5 stamps and $ 5 and it was taken as an investment right?

As probably many of us was a bit concerned about the legality of all
this. Then consult the post office and I confirmed that it was
actually legal !!!!!!!. I was astonished and immediately spent my $ 5
dollars ... Imagine what !!!!... the days after, I began to receive
money by mail!

In my first week I made between $ 20 and $ 30 U.S. dollars. By the end
of the second week had a total of $ 500 ($ 500 )!!!!!! Could not
believe it! In the third week $ 1,000 (thousand) and more still
coming! In my fourth week had a total of $ 3125 .- U.S. dollars and it
still coming soon (in my house, opening the envelopes and pass I am
getting "NewsGroup". This was SERIO). All this was worth the
investment of U.S. $ 5 and $ 5 stamps, bore fruit, and to think I
spent more than $ $ 5 weekly draws and lotteries, and not passing

Now let me explain how this and that ......... MOST IMPORTANT WHY DOES

Make sure you print this article NOW, to get all information as
requested. The process is very simple and consists of three (3) simple

Step No. 1: Get 5 sheets of paper and write on each one of them
your own name, address and electronic mail (e-mail) --- - NOTE that
this is what makes legal system as it is paying for the service to be
included in a mailing list

Now get 5 tickets for $ 1 (one dollar) EURO or 1, and enter each
dollar (euro) in an envelope with the sheet so as to wrap the ticket
sheet, so that the ticket does not show through Envelope!. It is
better that the paper is dark to prevent the theft of mail.

This is important !!!!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡ Otherwise the people who work in the
mail could detect that this is money and keep the thousands of
envelopes you are coming, so it is recommended to wrap around, in
addition, a role
dark or coal not to see through the envelope!). What we're doing is
creating a service and as such, it does completely legal. From now on
you're not sending a dollar or EURO someone for no reason, they pay a
Euro or a dollar for a legitimate service.

Send the 5 envelopes to the following addresses

1) - av cristina gonzales, san juan nicolas no col-452 Del Valle
Mexico DF C.P. 03100

2) - mora jaime s. Private not-cedars department 71 to 902 colony-high
tetelpan mexico df C.P. 01720

3) - Patricia Montelongo leon street # 17 turtledoves fractionation
hill river villa nicolas romero cp Mexico State 54400 Mexico

4) - Jorge Pérez Mendoza. - Juárez no. 3 house 2 col. Village Axolta
Del. Álvaro Obregón. Cp. 01030, Mexico DF.

5) - Isaac efrain martinez Saucedo
santa rosalia # 367 col. Jacinto Lopez
hermosillo sonora mexico

STEP 2: Now remove the number # 1 above list and move the other names
up one number (the # 5 becomes # 4 and # 4 becomes # 3, etc ...) and
add your name and address as # 5 on the list.

Step 3: Now place your article to at least 200 NewsGroup (there are
more than 24,000,000 newsgroups), you only need 200, but the more put,
more money will come.

Here are some pointers on how to enter the newsgroups:

HOW TO MANAGE THE NewsGroups: No. 1.-You need not write any letter to
make your own. Just put your cursor at the beginning of this letter,
click and download it and leave it pressed until the end of the letter
and larguelo. The entire letter should be "shady." So, point and click
"edit" or "issue" at the top of your screen, you select "copy" or
"copy". This will cause the entire letter is in temporary memory on
your computer. No. 2.-Open a new file "notepad" or "word" and move the
cursor over the blank page, Click "edit" menu and select "paste" or
"paste". You now have this letter on your computer and you can add
your name in the # 5 in the list following the instructions above.
No. 3 .- Go to newsgroups and select "post an article or write new
message / discussion 'No. 4 .- Load the paper. No. 6 .- Enter the full
content of the txt file and copy using the same technique above.
Return to newsgroup "TO NEWS" and you are creating and fillings this
letter within your program or "posting" No. 5 .- Press the button

No. 1. Within the Netscape program, go to the window titled "Window"
and select "NetscapeNews. Then choose the "Options" menu, select "Show
all Newsgroups" Then a list of all newsgroups on your server, click on
any nuewsgroup. This newsgroup click below "TO NEWS", which should be
up on the far left of the newsgroup page This will take you to the
message box .- No. 2.-fill this space. This will be the title that
everyone will see when traveling through the list of a particular
group .- No.3 .- Check the contents of the file and copy using the
same technique above. Return to newsgroup "TO NEWS" and you are
creating and this impacted letter within your program or "posting".
No. 4 .- Click "send", which is in the top left and you have completed
your first newsgroup.

It further recommends that when you publish the description of this
article try to give it a name of interest as "NEED MONEY FAST," or
(I say this because there are many things on the internet that are
false, but I assure you it's true)
I am proof of that, I could not pay for my education, no taxes, no
nothing but this system and helped me improve every day rioja
transcribe several newgroups and tell my friends and acquaintances
and proving that I talk now and all is well.

Now why all of this: Of 200 envoys, say I receive only 5 replies (a
very low example). Then I made $ 5 with my name at # 5 of this letter.
Now every one of those who sent me the $ $ 1, also makes a number of
200 newsgroup from the list and only 5 persons respond to each of the
original 5, this makes $ 25 more I receive, now these 25 people put a
at least 200 newsgroups with my name at # 4 instead, and only receive
5 replies each. Would be making another $ 125 extra now these 125
people put a minimum of 200 groups with my name at # 3 and instead
receives only 5 answers each one, I receive an additional $ 625
!!!!!!!!!, ok, Here is the most fun part, each of these 625 people put
their cards with other 200 groups with my name in the # 2 place and
each one receives only 5 answers. This means that I get $ 3125 dollars
!!!!!! !!!!!

Those 3125 people send this message to a minimum of 200 groups with my
name in the # 1 place, and only 5 persons respond to the 200 groups,
it makes me get $ 15,625 U.S. dollars !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! An investment
of $ 5 .- U.S. dollars, do not think it is FABULOUS
!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????. And as I said before, that only 5 people
respond to 200 groups (the actual average is 40 to 50 people)

Once your name is no longer on the list, remove the last announcement
newsroup and send another $ 5 U.S. dollars to the names on this list,
putting your name in the # 5 and repeat the entire process, and start
putting them in the newsgroups again, what you should remember that
thousands of people like you and me around the world, connect to the
internet and reading these articles, so I think that nobody will have
problems to invest $ 5 and see if it really works.

*** Only one more point, if you translate all this message to other
languages, you can also insert it in forums of different countries
like France, Germany, Russia (I say this as a council to expand the
possibilities that I see a lot more people