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Atul Thombre

9/11/2008 12:43:00 PM


I have written an application for Windows Mobile 6.0 smartphones. The
application is written in Microsoft CF 2.0 using C# language. I observed a
weird behavior when I ran my application on different phones.

The application ran properly on Motorola Q9h and on Samsung BlackJack 2.
But, when I ran it on BlackJack 1, the troubles started. I have handled the
KeyDown event on the form since I have some special handling for arrow keys.
When I type any character, say 'm', the KeyDown event for the form gets a
keycode == Keys.D9. Does anyone know why does the form gets Keys.D9 when a
character 'm' is typed?

In another experiment, I shifted the focus on a text box and let Text box
handle the KeyDown event. I observed a different behavior. In this case, the
form gets a KeyCode == 229 (VK_PROCESS) and when the event is captured by
the text box, I get proper 'm' character. Can anyone explain?

Thanks in advance.