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Mobile Data Control - Quick Question

Ryan Smith

1/12/2007 3:58:00 AM

I have an Mobile Web App that I would like to use to display a dataset
returned from a Web Service that I have written. I need to display multiple
items in multiple columns. The only control I see that can do this is the
List control but cannot see how to get mulitple columns. Any idea of how to
use the List control or is there another control that I should use?

Many thanks!

1 Answer


2/19/2007 6:43:00 AM


Use Objectlist control. see the below example

<mobile:ObjectList runat="server" ID="gv" EnableViewState="false"
LabelField ="Name"
AutoGenerateFields="flase" TableFields="Name;Site"
OnItemSelect="Selected" Font-Size="small" >
<Field Title="Name" DataField="Name" Visible="true"
Name="Name" />
<Field Title="Site" DataField="MS Location" Visible="True"
Name="Site" />
<Field Title="Id" DataField="Id" Visible="false" Name="Id"/

This will show Name and site (specified in 'TableFields')