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Re: ObjectList Control - Width and Font Properties


12/7/2006 9:47:00 PM

An additional remark to my post - it seems that when the Blackberry browser
renders tables, once it decides that a table column does not fit and it
needs to break it onto the next line (since the BB cannot scroll
horizontally), it continues to break that column onto the next line for the
entire table, whether the data needs it or not.

That is, if you have a two column table and the 2nd column has a long value
in the 10th row, it will display that long value on its own line in the 10th
row and continue doing that for all values in the 2nd column below that,
even if the value would fit on the same line with the 1st column. It
doesn't seem very smart about it.

That's why in my code example, I have resorted to specifying the column
widths as percentages for every field to try to avoid wrapping, although it
cannot totally be avoided unless you limit the width of data by truncating.

"Mark Gialo" <MarkGialo@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> My mobile application has three columns in an objectlist. When rendering
> this
> to a blackberry device, the text is wrapping signifying perhaps the font
> size
> or width of the control is too large.
> Is there any way to set a pixel size for the objeclist control? or perhaps
> another way to insure it renders properly.