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Problem in dropdownlist value.


2/27/2006 6:59:00 PM

Hello Gurus,

I am new to .net development. We are developing asp.net Mobile
application. in that we have dropdownlist. for databinding to the
dropdownlost we are using the the following code,

Dim dsDefects As New DataSet

strSQL = "select
CodeID,Sortorder from codes where CodeCategoryID = 2 and
userdefinedvalue1 = 2 order by sortorder"
dsDefects = oUtilities.GetDataSet(strSQL, "DefectLists")

nlst_Defect.DataSource = dsDefects
nlst_Defect.DataMember = "DefectLists"
nlst_Defect.DataValueField = "CodeID"
nlst_Defect.DataTextField = "LongDesc"
nlst_Defect.Items.Insert(0, "Select One")

Once the page is loaded in the browser, when i looked into "view
source", the dropdownlist value is like "0,1,2,3...." instead of the
actual "CodeID" value.

what could be the issue. I am really stuck in here. I tried the same
code in regular asp.net web application, everything is looks fine. I
wanted to do some client side validation on this dropdownlist box.
thats why, Please help me out.

Thanks in Advance.