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10/12/2013 3:57:00 PM

My mom refuses to clean her house
My mom refuses to clean her house.?

I 16 and still living with my mom.My 19 year old brother is still at home and working two jobs.We used to live in a two story house and it was a mess.Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to move into a mobile home.Our house is three bedroom and two bathroom with a little living room and kitchen.My mom is 50 and works a job from 6:30am to 1:30pm MondayFriday.Our house is such a mess that you can even walk through the entire house without jumping over something,(Our house is only seventy feet long)Kicking something, or stepping on something.I have tried to clean it at least five times in the last year, and every time i do it goes back to exactly how it was before.Plus, i can even clean it all because she has to go through all the envelopes and paper.The kitchen is full of containers that are not supposed to be reused.I try to throw them away, but she keeps taking them out of the garbage.She constantly complaining about my aunt who has three full storage sheds of junk, but she has one full one plus the house.She constantly complaining about how tired she is, and constantly watching tv or using her laptop.Kitchen utensil duplicates are being purchased because we can find the ones we have.We are also wasting a lot of money by going out to eat because our kitchen is hidden.My friends invite m to their houses, but i can because of the mess.If i ever get a boyfriend, i would also like to be able to have him come over without being embarrassed.Please help me find a way to convince my mother to help me clean the house/her life or tell me how to do it by myself.Thank you.

It sounds as though your mom is depressed.Depression often makes it impossible to be organised or to clean up.But living in a mess makes the depression worse.

Start by talking to your mom and letting her know you know how hard life must be for her.Tell her you will help to clean up.Encourage her to see a doctor about her depression.Tablets may help, but exercise will definitely help, so encourage her to go for long walks or at least get out every day.

You are taking on a difficult job because no one has ever taught you how to clean up a house, but take it one step at a time.Tell everyone that you will wash the dirty dishes today, but after the first time you expect everyone to wash up after themselves every time! (This includes your mom just one dish at a time).Get some containers to use as indoor rubbish bins, line them with plastic bags(Buy rolls of bags cheaply from supermarket)(Makes cleaning much easier).Show these to your mom and your brother and tell them all rubbish must go in these bins, immediately it becomes rubbish.Then you can empty the bins daily which is quicker than going all over the house picking rubbish off the floor.

Just take it slow when you see a gradual improvement you will all feel better.If your brother is too tired, do his work for him on work days, but ask him to do his own work on his days off.

You prob wont be able to make her change.

Take all the paper and envelopes and put them in a small box and place them next to lap top or tv chair.And tell her to go thru them while she watches tv.An toss out the stuff she doesn need.

Pick a place in the house, and take all the junk on the floor and just stack it all in that spot.

If it is your brothers junk, just open his door and dump it into his room and shut the door.

And if you use a knife or scissors to make a hole in the too many useless containers, they will be trash.

I totally agree, mom needs some professional help but that may be hard for you to bring about.My greater concern [URL=http://fordhamjoi...]Ralph Lauren Outlet[/URL] is that you need support.Do you have a youth pastor or trusted teacher that you can talk to about this?

There are professional companies who not only will help do the cleanup but have psychologists available to deal with the deeper problem.That also may be worth a try.
Screen Printing Services For Commercial Businesses

Silkscreen printing is most commonly used for printing on material.Many tshirt designs that are printed using this process.The origins of silk screen printing comes from japanese stenciling.Screen printing can also be used for commercial projects and by artists.The process of screen printing that is used is based on the patents of samuel simon from england and john pilsworth of san francisco, ca.William morris was a wellknown user of screen printing at the time.During world war i, the process became commonly used in commercial business for [URL=http://le...]Louis Vuitton Bags uk[/URL] flags, banners, and point of sale advertisement.

Some changes in screen printing services for commercial use came about with the invention of the photographic stencil and the introduction of computer technology.The changes have affected the prepress process the most with improvements with the way the presses are made, the inks and dyes, and the chemicals used.The following are examples of how screen printing used for commercial business use:

Artists have enjoyed the flexibility of using silk screen printing to express their creativity.Andy warhol and peter max andy warhol(1960s)Were influential in creating new ways to look at silk screening.

Screen printing material and equipment:

The screenthis is the same as a printing plate for the screen printer, it is a wooden or aluminum frame that has a fine nylon screen(Mesh)Stretched over it.

The meshthe screen that is stretched across the frame

The poly cop frameused to sandwich together the film positive and the mesh

The squeegeea rubber blade attached to a wooden, plastic, or metal handle

The mesh is coated with a light sensitive emulsion or film, which dries and blocks some of the holes in the mesh to prevent ink or dye from going through to the material underneath.

The image that needs to be printed is output to film either by camera or imagesetter.

The poly cop frame is exposed to ultraviolet light

The screen is sprayed with a jet of water which washes away all the loose light sensitive emulsion.An open stencil [URL=http://royalyorkhotel-...]Pandora Charms UK[/URL] is created which corresponds exactly to the image that was on the film.

The screen is fitted on the press and it is hinged to allow the screen to be raised and lowered during printing

The substrate(The base material that image will be printed to)Is placed in position under the screen

Ink is placed on the top side of the screen, the screen also contains the ink so it doesnt spill out

A squeegee is pulled across the top of the screen, pushing ink through the mess on to the substrate.This is repeated with the return stroke before printing the next impression

Though screen printing has been around for a long time, it is not as well known as ink jet and laser printing.Other types of printing processes include dyesublimation, offset lithography, engraving, thermography, letterpress, flexographic, gravure, digital ink based, scochastic, and photogravure.

There are unlimited ways in which commercial businesses can benefit from screen printing and other printing processes available.With the inclusion of digital printing, the possibilities are endless for creating imaginative and quality printed products.To find solutions to your printing needs go to rex three and contact a print specialists to find out what your options are for commercial business printing.

Read more about screen printing services for commercial businesses.Rex3 is an industry leader in digital printing miami and any printing service your business needs.Think of rex as the preferred resource for crossmedia graphic communications.We operate a printing facility in south florida with over 100, 000 square feet, supporting an aggressive selection of equipment, and a team of print professionals that take every project seriously.