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I must be more clearer...


5/11/2016 5:07:00 AM


I must be more clearer...

C++ and C and Java have weaker memory model than the x86 architecture
strong memory model, and that's error prone and not safe, because the
way of thinking of C and C++ is a more optimization way of thinking,
this is why i think that's dangerous, i think of i want to follow the
Spirit of Spark i must say that since FreePascal and Delphi don't
reorder loads and stores on x86 , so that's make the life easier for us
on x86 , since that makes the reasonning easier for sequential
consistency etc.

This is why i don't like C or C++.

Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane,.
2 Answers


9/17/2008 6:48:00 AM


In article <48cffdc9$0$17632$ec3e2dad@unlimited.usenetmonster.com>,
daybrown@daybrown.org says...
> BDK wrote:
> > In article <48cd4316$0$2860$ec3e2dad@unlimited.usenetmonster.com>,
> > daybrown@daybrown.org says...
> >> BDK wrote:
> >>>> I mistyped. The peripheral exterior skin columns were sheet metal, and
> >>>> they could have collapsed straight down into the footprint of the
> >>>> building. No argument there at all. The core columns, which can be seen
> >>>> in the video, are much more solid, and can be seen standing like
> >>>> flagpoles- swaying a bit above the dust cloud. They should have gone
> >>>> over like a redwood, to land on other buildings or maybe a street in the
> >>>> area, but certainly could not fall into the footprint of the building.
> >>>>
> >>>> Why did they do that?
> >>>>
> >>> I would imagine the joints failed. Not the joints you used to smoke so
> >>> often, the joints that joined the sections of the columns together after
> >>> they were trucked in. Or are you going to claim they were phaser welded
> >>> together?
> >> Well, that's kinda curious too, you know? The photos of the MPLS Bridge
> >> collapse include gusset plates where the beams were bolted together that
> >> had failed. But I've seen photos of the WTC debris, and those plates
> >> were fine, the failure being along some section of the box beam where
> >> there wasnt any particular stress.
> >>
> >> My old place had a forge in my barn, and I still have a welding torch. I
> >> know that when you heat a piece of steel to bend it, there is a kind of
> >> hinge action in which the outside edge stretches and the inside edge is
> >> compressed and bulges. But that's not what I see in the posted photos of
> >> the breaks in the core column box beams. They look like they've been
> >> sliced off with an oxyacetylene torch.
> >
> > You probably are talking about the pictues where they show the beams
> > that WERE cut off with a torch!!
> If you cut off beams with a torch, BDK, as I have done, you make the
> shortest possible cut, that is 90 deg across the cut. If, however, you
> use thermite or some such in a controlled demolition, then when you set
> it so that a vertical beam is cut, you set the cut so that it is at a
> sharp angle. The weight of the structure at that point makes it shear
> off as it slides down.

BWHAHAHAHAHAA! WTF are you on? You really need to lay off whatever it
is, and the kookpages too. Look at the pics, before they got cut. They
are out there. I'm sure you can find them, professor....I bet the
kookpages conveniently leave them off..

> If I made long diagonal cuts like I saw in the photos of the 911 debris,
> I would've been fired for incompetence and wasting oxygen & acetylene.

Maybe you should sit down, and think, "So why would they want to cut
them like that?" Maybe it will come to you. Maybe. Let's see if you can
figure it out. Simple, so simple anyone should be able to get it.

> Why would anyone else be interested in your assessment of my mental
> capacity or state?

Same reason I am, for laughs, of course..


BDK Klan leader?
kOOk Magnet!


9/17/2008 6:55:00 AM


In article <48d01f1a$0$2873$ec3e2dad@unlimited.usenetmonster.com>,
daybrown@daybrown.org says...
> agent86@justicespammail.com wrote:
> > On Sat, 13 Sep 2008 23:46:41 -0500, Day Brown <daybrown@daybrown.org>
> > wrote:
> >
> >> BDK wrote:
> >>> In article <3b64bb2e-fb6f-47b0-a6d1-
> >>> 76e58926dc2b@k36g2000pri.googlegroups.com>, gblack@hnpl.net says...
> >>>> On Sep 13, 8:20 am, Day Brown <daybr...@daybrown.org> wrote:
> >>>>
> >>>>> Back up the video dude. That is not what I see. The core colums were
> >>>>> just sheet metal and were not strong enuf to stand up like that, and had
> >>>>> a mesh of sheet metal attaching them to the curtain wall. That mesh is
> >>>>> not there either.
> >>>> I think that at this stage you really should look for a Code of
> >>>> Compliance or some such.
> >>>> Better yet go talk to an architect and when he stops laughing at your
> >>>> claim he'll show you just how far from 'sheet metal' the RSJs and I
> >>>> beams are...
> >>>>
> >>>
> >>> Day's tripping. Sheet metal?
> Relatively speaking. Pg 3 says these exterior columns were 1/4" thick,
> but mentions other columns 3 or more inches thick; the core columns were
> also much larger in cross section. Then too, if you look at the video,
> you can see that none of the remaining columns that are still standing,
> altho swaying, line up with the periphery of the building from the point
> of view of the camera, but do match up with the view of the core columns
> that was visible from that location as the tower was constructed.
> >>>
> >>> Sounds like Alzheimer's is rearing it's ugly head.
> >>>
> >>> Tragic.
> >> I mistyped. The peripheral exterior skin columns were sheet metal,
> >
> > No, brownie, they weren't. The periphery of the building was skinned
> > in aluminum but the perimeter columns were quite robust and carried a
> > substantial part of the building load. Here's a photograph of them.
> >
> > http://www.fema.gov/pdf/library/fema4...
> > Figures 2-7 and 2-8.
> Other websites have quoted the innovation of the design from the PR when
> the towers were under construction, noting how having so much weight
> born by the core columns around the elevator shafts allowed for more
> free space and much cheaper construction. Which you'd get from a curtain
> wall and steel columns out of ordinary 1/4" steel plate. Which has a lot
> to do with why they call it a "curtain wall".
> If these exterior columns were as robust as you say, they would have
> sheared off the aluminum skin and peeled away from the building to fall
> like long flagpoles landing outside the footprint. They didnt.
> I am hard put to find a post by a debunker that does not resort to ad
> hominum, and note that most of the posts by the truthers start with some
> data they think is relevant, and only resort to ad hominum in responses.
> I would rather not see that on either side, but the relative bandwidth
> wasted on the part of the debunkers discredits their case.
> "Most men are such slaves to passion they'd be better off in the hands
> of a more rational master." Aristotle. Nothing much has changed. This is
> not about the majority opinion, as I've pointed out to truthers often.
> It has a lot more to do with the group think Janis studied, and how only
> 15% of the subjects tested can actually think for themselves.
> This also has a lot to do with the irrational way election campaigns are
> run, and why those with the soundest and most clearly thot out policy
> initiatives get nowhere. This isnt to say that neither Obama nor McCain
> actually have sound proposals, but that first you havta get elected; we
> saw Gore's and Kerry's proposals as dubious, and hoped Bush, who hadnt
> really said what he'd do, would do better.
> As Jack Nicolson the general said, "You want the truth? You cant handle
> the truth." And the truth is that great empires need distasteful things
> done, in large part because the uncivilized will do even worse things.
> The Truthers do not understand how 911 needed true patriots behind it
> because a falseflag event was the only way to organize civilization to
> fight terrorism.

It's funny how you do all this quoting from Aristotle, etc, and then
when you actually "think" about what happened, you show how totally
clueless you are about how a building really works. Hey, before I
forget, have you EVER talked to a real expert, an engineer, about your
theories? I bet not. I personally have been suggesting it for a long
time, to many of you kooks, but you all reject it.

Why? Are you afraid your religion will be destroyed? That he will laugh
at you? That you won't be "special" anymore?

There has to be a reason. You can't really believe ALL of them are "in
on it", right?

BDK Klan leader?
kOOk Magnet!