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Windows XP Pro OEM license key is for Windows XP Other?


11/4/2008 12:41:00 AM

I recently built a new computer and installed a new fresh copy of Windows XP
Pro OEM. I activated it no problem. Then after I installed my graphics
driver, it tells me that my computer has changed significantly since I
installed Windows. I've seen this a hundred times before and you can usually
just reactivate Windows with the same key but the activation process tells me
I've exceeded the limit of times this license can be used.

On the Validate Genuine Windows site, when I type in the product code, it
says that the key is for Windows XP Other and I have XP Pro installed? Why
would it work the first time and not now. There is no way I'm paying for
another license or copy of Windows because this version is completely legit.
I bought it straight from a trusted retailer. This is extremely annoying
because this computer is being built for a client but this is causing delays.
1 Answer

Jani J?rvinen [MVP]

11/5/2008 4:22:00 PM


Hello Kleft,

although this is a programming newsgroup and as such you might not get many
answers from here, I can suggest that you contact your local Microsoft
office for assistance.

There is a certain limit for Windows XP license activations, but when you
discuss this with your local office and tell the your reasons for multiple
activation, this should be a non-issue.

Hope this helps!


Mr. Jani Järvinen
Vantaa, Finland