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Backgroundworker and VSTO 2005 with C#

Juergen D.

11/29/2007 2:28:00 PM

maybe somebody can help.
I added a Backgroundworker component to an Excel Spreadsheet because I have
to add data from this sheet to a database.
In the backgroundWorker_DoWork procedure I call the
backgroundWorker.ReportProgress regulary every 60 secods.
Inside my backgroundWorker_ProgressChanged function I have something like:

try {
Excel.Range r = Globals.Sheet1.Cells[1,1] as Excel.Range;
catch (Exception ex) {

Everything works fine but Excel throws an Exception if it is busy and my
functions is reading the value from r.Value2. How can I check if it is safe
to access a cell? Is there something available like the InvokeRequired /
Invoke technique for working with UI Controls and background threads in
standard WinForm Applications?