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ADODB.dll references problem


11/26/2007 4:46:00 PM


I have a solution with a bunch of C#/VB projects that references
ADODB. These projects have been in production for a couple of years
and we were running problem free. I just loaded up these projects
after not working on them for at least half a year and DevStudio
(2003) all of a sudden tells me that it can't find the reference to my
ADODB component anymore. Looking at the source of my project file, the
refence used to look like this:

Name = "ADODB"
Guid = "{00000205-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4}"
VersionMajor = "2"
VersionMinor = "5"
Lcid = "0"
WrapperTool = "primary"

So, I removed the above reference and added again the ADODB reference
from the .NET tab. Now in my csproj file, the reference looks like

Name = "adodb"
AssemblyName = "ADODB"
HintPath = "..\..\..\..\Program Files\Microsoft.NET
\Primary Interop Assemblies\adodb.dll"
AssemblyFolderKey = "hklm\primary interop
Private = "True"

I assumed that this was OK since I knew that my original reference
meant that I was using the Primary assembly provided by Microsoft for
ADODB and this new one also seem to point to the right interop.

But now while running my program, the code that works with recordset
(add, open & update) works fine but as soon as I hit a line that calls
onto ADODB.Connection.Execute, I get a null object reference error
from within that call.

I noticed also that my ADODB.Connection object has a version of 2.8
(looks like my original interop was for version 2.5?). There seems to
be a problem with my adodb version installed on my PC and the primary
interop that is registered in the GAC. Is this possible? Does anyone
knows what's happening here? I'm currently stucked, not able to move
forward on this issue...

Thanks for any info!