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ActiveX Credential Issue to Connect to Web Service


11/24/2007 5:52:00 PM

Hi All,

I have used ActiveX (written in C# 2.0) to render report and print it
silently to printer. I have given up to use pure Javascript to do
this. The code in ActiveX will connect to the Reporting Services and
render the report and print it to the printer. The problem is when I
establish connection to Reporting Services, I use DefaultCredential,
and it throws exception "Unauthorized".

The web application/report server is located at different domain, so
when user access the web application/reportserver, there will be a
prompt to enter different domain/username and password. I am afraid
the Credential that is used to connect from ActiveX is not the
username that is used to connect to the web application, but the
windows username (run the browser). I try to hardcode the username/
password using NetworkCredential, and it works perfectly, but
hardcoding username/password is very bad.

Anyone has idea how to overcome this issue? Thank you.