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You have money coming to you!


4/24/2016 6:04:00 AM

What is VemmaBuilder?

Well, it's simply the most
incredible, automated, online Internet-based business
opportunity you will ever run across on the Web.
When you become a VemmaBuilder Paid Member, you can
begin to build a successful business from the comfort
of your own home. You can work your business either

VemmaBuilder is a proven system, used profitably by
thousands of entrepreneurs just like you.
VemmaBuilder's state-of-the-art technology has been
designed to make even a computer novice feel like
Bill Gates. Simply point and click to be in

To start you off, we have given you a FREE position
in our explosively growing SuccessLine. We've given
you an honorary title, too: Pre-Enrollee! The fact
is, you could already be earning money by virtue of
your enrolled position in the SuccessLine! How? Our
program rewards teamwork. It's to everyone's
monetary advantage to work together. That means Paid
Members positioned above you in the SuccessLine are
pooling their efforts at this very moment to place
Pre-Enrollees below you!

Every time a Pre-Enrollee (that is, a potential Paid
Member) is placed under you in the SuccessLine, you
will receive an email saying something like, "Stop
the Presses! Your SuccessLine is Growing!" Whenever
any of these Pre-Enrollees below you decide to
"upgrade" to Paid Member, you will receive a
notification email that exclaims, "You've Got Money
Waiting!" These emails are your proof that our
system works.

Upgrading now to Paid Member has 2 main advantages:
1) It secures your place in the SuccessLine and
GUARANTEES you a check the first time someone below
you in the SuccessLine upgrades from Pre-Enrollee to
Member, and
2) You leap ahead of those above you in the
SuccessLine who don't become Paid Members during the
present 7-day cycle. If they upgrade later on, they
will become a permanent part of YOUR organization. Click on this link below to secure your position in the Successline and recieve your pay check!!


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