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1 Answer

James Kanze

9/10/2009 9:36:00 AM


On Sep 9, 4:03 pm, Michael Tsang <mikl...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Difference between class and struct:
> class has private access level, struct has public access
> level; class can be used to declare template parameter, struct
> can't.

The word class has two meanings: it is a keyword (which can be
used to declare a template type parameter, in which case it is
synonymous with typename), but the standard also talks about
class types. I suspect that this is often a source of
confusion---a class type can be declared with any of the
keywords class, struct or union (but there are a number of
constraints regarding the use of union).

> When you serialize (dump) a class into a file, the content
> will be the internal representation of a class (including any
> v-table, padding bytes, etc.).

Serializing is *not* dumping. Dumping is only valid for a very
small set of types, at least if you want to reread the data
later. (Dumping is usually only done in hex format, for
information purposes.)

> Therefore, dumping any class with pointers (including all
> classes with virtual members and inheritance, as they have a
> hidden pointer at the front) is useless. Deserializing a class
> (providing it does not have any pointers) is similar to
> serializing a class, you only need to pass the pointer and the
> size. Therefore, to deserialize a class, you just need to call
> fread(3).

That's only true for a very limited number of cases: character
types, and arrays of character types.`

> Here is the criteria for classes which are safe to serialize:

You can serialize any type you want, including all class types,
but it's up to you to write the code to do it.

James Kanze